SkinGenics Home Treatments – What Expensive Spas Don’t Want You to Know

SkinGenics™ is bringing spa-quality skin rejuvenation treatments to the masses. Now you can skip the costly visits with estheticians and transform your skin at home. SkinGenics™ devices are carefully tested and designed with cutting-edge technology. Turn back time to tighten, smooth, and brighten your trouble areas at home in just a few weeks with targeted, handheld therapy.

            Discover the top 5 must-have SkinGenics™ devices:

  1. LED Face Mask. This LED mask is a 7-in-1 neck and face treatment that you can use for years to come. Different LED colors penetrate the skin at different densities with results ranging from smoothing wrinkles and soothing irritation to brightening dark spots.
  2. IPL Laser Hair Remover. Achieve permanent hair removal at home! This new SkinGenics™ IPL model uses painless, dermatologist-proven technology to prevent hair regrowth at the source. For lifetime maintenance, you only need to use the handset four times a year!
  3. RF Radio Frequency Device. Warm your subdermal tissue with targeted radio frequency energy to boost natural collagen production. This premium, painless device is ideal for acne-prone and aging skin.
  4. Anti-Cellulite Cavitation Machine. Break up your fat cells with low-frequency ultrasonic waves and tone the surrounding muscles with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). This 4-in-1 handheld device dissolves fat to reshape your body with smoother skin and less cellulite.
  5. Skin Rejuvenation.Now you can speed up the healing process and achieve brighter, smoother skin. In addition to LED light therapy, which provides a range of color options, this 4-in-1 device also transforms your skin with radio frequency energy and a high-frequency massage.


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