Top 3 Best LED Light Therapy Devices for your Skin 2019

There are a lot of invented technologies and devices around the world and each of these technologies/devices have its own benefits for both human and for their everyday lives. In everyday lives, it is basically talks about technologies that people will be using it to make their work easier and even faster. And for human, it talks about the beauty and skincare treatment. They are made for some important purposes and a life-time use. Its purposes are giving an easiest and cost-effective treatment for men and most especially for the women. These devices are the one that gives hopes for women to look more even younger than before.

Could light treatment reduce signs of sunlight harm along with skin issues?  Probably, but its lots for professional and home of devices both so conditions the treatment is touted for use. It entails exposing skin to low energy light 3 or two times each week with a light emitting diode device. The devices use not visible light, but near light or infrared below red, though it’s called light treatment. Some use combinations of blue and red light. None emit rays, and they don't generate enough heat to damage tissue.

Are there any harmful adverse effects to Light-emitting diode light therapy? Light-emitting diode light technologies generates negligible amounts of heat, is clinically proven to be safe, and has reached a non-significant risk status for human studies by their FDA - So how on earth did NASA come to be involved? LED isn't new.

Some of the customers from the different countries offer these three best LED light therapy devices or skin for the treatment of wrinkles, age spots, acne along with other skin conditions, like many laser centers, salons and spas. Take a look:

Photon LED 4 Light Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device

(Blue, Green, Amber, Red)

This Photon LED light therapy skin rejuvenation beauty device have four different colors (blue, red, green, and yellow) and its different uses and functions. This is one of the most popular devices in the world that will provides beauty for women. It is uses the photon power transfer the light energy accelerate to increase cell growth and the blood circulation as well as to stimulate the fiber cells.

Blue:This Blue LED Phototherapy for treating an acne. This is the one that only producing an oxygen free radical from the porphyrins or killing the bacteria. It helps to reduce bacteria counts and even with your acne. This blue light therapy improves acne condition effectively on your skin.

Red:This Red LED Phototherapy is for treating a wrinkle and the aging skin. It stimulates the production of the collagens while lowering down the collagen breakdown. This therapy is the one that provides a firmness and a suppleness to your skin. And especially, it helps to improve healing of the damaged skin cells.

Green:This Green LED Phototherapy for improving the function of an altering uses of cells and oxygen. And for improving the function of alternating uses of cells and oxygen and for activating the micro-circulation function of the body surface. This therapy is for calming your skin can make your body and skin more relaxing. It reduces the pain of your skin.

Yellow: This Yellow LED Therapy is for treating the dark spots and the dullness of your skin. It helps your skin brighter, shiner and transparent texture.


PDT LED Light Therapy Device with Red, Yellow & Blue Lights

For Salon and Home Used - for both face and body

This is the second of the best LED light therapy devices for 2019. This hand-held device can be used at home and even at the salon. This device has four colors and have its own functions.

RED: This light color therapy is for regenerating of the skin cells.

BLUE:This light color therapy is also good for killing the acne bacteria and can prevent the wound infection and the allergic skin calm.

GREEN:This light color therapy is also good for your sensitive skin and for the mental calming effect.  

YELLOW: This light color therapy is good for treating skin erythema, for relieving redness, swelling and other effects of the pigments.

Benefits of treatments:
Improving the skin tone and clearing the blemishes.

It smoothens your skin textures, lessening the coarseness and reducing the pore size.
Minimizing the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles.
Regenerating your skin by activating the fibroblast cells to increase production of collagen and the elastin.
Helps to improve the appearance of the sun-damaged skin and irregular pigmentation.
Enhancing your skin moisture that will help your skin to regain its youthful fullness.

 LED Facial Mask

This LED facial mask have three main colors and wavelengths to help in reducing and for treating skin concerns. This is the third best of the LED light therapy devices.

Red:This red light is the most powerful among of the other colors. It helps to increase the blood circulation. The main purpose of this red light is for smoothing the texture of your skin reducing wrinkles and making your skin more elastic. 
Blue: This blue light is for calming against the skin rashes, it is also suitable for your sensitive skin and oily. It can astringe and tightening the loosened skin of yours.
Green: This green light is good for the anti-aging, smoothens your wrinkle and fine lines and even curing the wounds.


The theory is the light penetrates beneath the skins surface, in which it energizes cells to stimulate elastin and collagen formation, which is necessary to repair and renew skin. Some research suggests there might be something to it.

Energy is generated by a form and flexible taking light array panel, absorbed in the skin's surface to reestablish function and cellular health. The benefits of utilizing wavelengths is that the wavelengths are used by absorbing molecules as a mechanism for processes. For example, the wavelengths and the blue, red and infrared lights decrease inflammation, stimulate collagen production, and a few kill bacteria, while others improve circulation that is localized.

No wonder why most of the reviews online are keep recommending these three devices to all people especially for women. Aside from its effective, it is affordable.

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