6 IN 1 Ultrasonic EMS Fat Cavitation Slimming Wand

$84.71 $149.97


  • Anti-aging
  • Boosts collagen 
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduction in cellulite
  • Body sculpting and slimming
  • Lifts and Remodels face & body
  • Acne and pigmentation removal
  • Reduces facial lines and wrinkles
  • Fat Reduction and Cellulite Treatment 
  • Improves absorption of skin care product
  • Improve skin elasticity and skin smoothness

This 7-in-1 device combines ultrasound therapy, galvanic therapy, LED light therapy and electrical muscle stimulation(EMS).

The ultrasound waves have the ability to decompose waste surrounding fat and aid in lymphatic drainage, while the positive and negative ions alternate and tone the muscles on the face and body in a process, similar to a workout, called iontophoresis.

LED works to make the skin clearer and brighter. Red LED combats aging by rejuvenating the skin and regenerating collagen and elastin, while blue LED kills acne-causing bacteria and green has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) creates strong and deep muscle contractions to tone your body. Muscles are exercised by 3000 to 4000 joules per second – which is dramatically more than a traditional workout – which leads to better toning.

It is perfect to tighten and tone those trickier areas, achieving a toned body and offers an easy way to exercise and relax the same time.

It should not be used if you are pregnant, have metal implants in the body or have a pacemaker or heart condition.


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