Portable Ultrasonic Cavitation Body Slimming EMS Muscle Stimulation Device

$79.51 $89.97


  • 300,000 times/s ultrasonic high frequency vibration - Promote the decomposition of fat to shape your arms, legs, and lower abdomen
  • Radio Frequency System - Heat the fat so that it can be dissolved faster in your body to lose weight
  • Functional red light - 625nm wavelength help to activate your skin cells and promote the metabolism of cells, improve your skin condition
  • Multi-functional - 4 modes: skin mode, fat-burning mode 1, fat-burning mode 2 and shaping mode, just press the on/off button, and you can easily changing the mode you like
  • Easy hold, portable and rechargeable - you can easily hold this device when using and take it when traveling. 

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